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Group Insurance

healthGroup health insurance is provided by Star Schein Insurance.

Benefits are a critical piece of an employee compensation package, and health care benefits are the crown jewel. Health care benefits, along with time-off benefits, are the most popular of benefits to employees. Every employer must at least consider whether to offer these types of benefits and in some cases employers must offer health care in order to remain competitive with other businesses for the most talented employees and avoid penalties imposed by health care reform. Another reason why many employers choose to offer health care benefits is so that they themselves can take advantage of less expensive health insurance than they could get on their own as well as tax breaks for the contributions made by the business.

Many employers view providing health insurance as a key component to attracting and meeting the expectations of employees. Another major reason for offering benefits is to reduce turnover. Some employers also believe the provision improves morale. Far fewer employers report it should be a company’s responsibility to offer health insurance to their employees or that it would increase productivity or reduce absenteeism.

To stay competitive in this business climate, you need to be able to offer a benefit package to your employees above and beyond a paycheck.  That’s where health benefits come in.

Let us help you obtain the right coverage for your group.  We will do our best to obtain the best coverage at a premium within your budget.

We can also assist your HR person with servicing your account once it’s in place.  You hire and sometimes fire, how do you take someone off the policy? Add them? That’s another value added benefit we offer.

We do our best to make it easy for you.  To get started, call or email us.  We are waiting to help you.